Jennifer Merdjan
Artist, designer, and award-winning art educator, Jennifer Merdjan has been making sculptures by repurposing every shoe she has worn for the last 30 years, and she has no plans to stop in the future!  Her shoe-sculptures were exhibited in New York City at a Pop Up Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Gallery at The Factory, the Plaxall Gallery, the Material for the Arts Gallery, and the 92Y Tribeca Gallery.  They were featured on Univision’s Control TV show.   Works from her If shoes Could Talk Project  has raised funds for the  United Nations and the American Heart Association.
​​​​​​​"Every shoe tells a story of where you have been and where you are going.   By repurposing utilitarian objects that most people use, I act as a catalyst to bring out the passage of time hidden within them.  This metamorphosis encourages the viewer to endow these overlooked objects with temporality and subjectivity, restoring the viewer’s own awareness of the dynamic changes of life."
Her work aligns with four of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (#5 Gender Equality, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, #13 Climate Action, #17 Partnerships for the goals).
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