If your shoes could talk, what would they say? Would they sympathize with your day? Reminisce about your experiences? Would they ask to stay on your feet and accompany you on your journeys? Would they spill your secrets? If Shoes Could Talk by Jennifer Renee Caden Merdjan is the title of her book, it's also a trademark of fashion accessories made with images of her shoe sculptures. 

About The Book: Get Inspired! Get Motivated! Get Captivated! Learn to see things in a new way. Jennifer Renee Caden Merdjan's artistic shoes tell her story. Colorful pages full of inspiring messages teach you not to forget the past, regardless of how difficult it might have been, but rather to embrace your struggles as you overcome them. In Merdjan's work, the worn-out shoes she uses as the basis for her artistic sculptures symbolize her past. By recycling them into art, she stresses her present attitude of change and hope. The final result, her beautiful shoe sculptures, suggest the renewal of the future and remind the reader that life is too short to focus on the old, worn tears and holes marked on your sole. 

To purchase the book, please go directly to the artist's site at Jennifermerdjan.com
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